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Motor Saver Filters "Filters that can make you faster"
Motor Saver
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Motor Saver Filters - the most advanced RC air filters on the market
Shipping to U.S. as low as $2.75   International as low as $8.95
To see all the Losi 8ight / Serpent S811 Cobra Outer Saver #0S1105 click here To see all Outer Saver models click here
What you can expect from the new
Outer Saver pre-filter:

Oiled foam attracts dirt quickly, causing foam filters to clog in a short period of time robbing power from the engine depending on your driving conditions.

  • Outer Saver repels dirt for a much longer period of time giving you many more tanks of gas before cleaning.
  • The rim helps separate the screen from the foam allowing for better breathing and better separation from the oiled foam.

When driving in high-moisture or wet conditions,
foam filters allow water or moisture to travel into the carburetor.

  • The new Outer Saver repels moisture and water keeping foam dryer longer. 
  • The new Outer Saver pre-filter can easily be put on and taken off by the push of
    a button which bites into the cord keeping the pre-filter wrapped securely.
  • Lead ropes coming out of the lock are short so they do not interfere with any linkage or gearing.

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